Niraj Valley

the last days of the Transylvanian peasant culture


   The 66 villages in the valley of the Niraj River constitute a compact and relatively closed microregion in the eastern part of Transylvania, a region in Romania.

It is one of those places where you can really feel what it was like when the people were at one with the land.

Remnants of centuries-old peasant culture still live on to this day here.

Among ever changing economical and social conditions, agriculture has always allowed the people inhabiting the Niraj Valley to make a good living.


   But the definition of a good life is by no means the same as it was one hundred years ago. The 20th century disrupted the village communities, with forced industrialization of the country leading to rapid urbanization. Many left the Niraj Valley to live and work in nearby cities, leaving behind the lifestyle of their parents, which is becoming less and less of an option for the youngest generation.

    One never knows – perhaps one day they will stop chasing mirages in cities and they move back to the hills of the Niraj Valley.